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Posted on 2013.01.18 at 20:20


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Posted on 2012.07.24 at 16:42
Current Location: US, New York, South Huntington, Suffolk, Alpine Way, 60

Getting good. Today I watched while laying down, I'm not feeling too well. Today's ending made me jump up.

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Posted on 2012.04.21 at 13:11

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Feeling Hot, Hot , Hot

Posted on 2008.06.09 at 16:39
It's a heat wave here. I check the forcast at 1pm, it was 99 but felt like 107. What a great day to teach! I must have lost weight just sweating all day. so in the end, I didn't go to the gym today...I was just too tired!

Tomorrow, I promise.

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Non-diet post

Posted on 2008.06.03 at 16:43
So I didn't go to the gym again today. it was just abad day for me. My morning rehearsal went ok...our concert's tomorrow. I was very close to passing out during a violin lesson. I was playing piano for scales and bam, was almost gone. I sat down and told someone to get the nurse. I don't know why. I wasn't sweaty or hot (like I get when my blood sugar drops). My legs weren't lock. It was weird. Then my 5th grade general music classes had to rehearse with the chorus teacher (they have a 5th grade graduation song)...I taught them part 1 that past 3 weeks...they were suppose to learn part 2 *head hits desk* Plus I was still feeling dizzy all day.

It was just a "man, I feel like a loser" day.

BUT!! In happy news....Lucy, my great Mutt, had a doggie DNA test and the results are in! I am waiting for Peter to get home to open. I will update later. I will leave you with some pictures of Lucy for you to guess

Lucy the wonder mutt!Collapse )

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Posted on 2008.06.02 at 17:11
I am skipping the gym today. I need the break. I've seemed to have pulled my calf muscle last Monday. It still hurts. So I've gone to te gym and did abs and arms, but today, I skip.

I had a day concert today, plus a performance for the PTA breakfast. I feel like I lost 5 pounds just doing all of that. I have 2 night concerts this week, one on Wednesday and one on Thursday...yeah sucks

So I will have the gym for the rest of the week. Friday is our last weigh-in for the biggest losers contest at school There will be a June winner then over all winner. My Susan (the chorus teacher) and I have won 3 months so maybe we'll ge the money!

Has anyone ever created that 101 goals in 1001 days list? I am thinking of doing on.

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Posted on 2008.05.25 at 20:03
Very quick update.

Today's weigh-in, I am the same as I was last Sunday. But it's ok, I have my period. We'll see next week.

I made the best cupcakes today and the best 'fried chicken' Incase you want something healthy for Memorial Day.

Diet Cupcakes, so simple.
Any box of cake mixed (I used strawberry)
Any can of a diet soda (I used Diet Raspberry soda)
2 egg whites

Mix and cook with box directions. That's it, and it is gooooood. Calories and fat are listed on the box, under 'mix' nutrition. So my cupcakes are 80 caloris and 1.5 fat.

Now the 'fried chicken'
Put bones, skinless chick ina bag with fat=free buttermilk and cheyenne pepper (as hot as you want) Marinate for at least an hour, though a few hours is better
Coat with Panko crumbs (Japanese Bread crumbs)
Bake in 425 degree oven for 20 minutes, then broil to crisp up.
150 calories, 4 fat

Enjoy!! Have agreat Memorial Day. Go out and hug a Veteren or a Soldier and Thank them for what they've done, or are doing.

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I'm Cinderlla

Posted on 2008.05.23 at 14:00
I just finished cleaning. And it's only 2pm. I've been sing Les Miserables while I scrub. Also Pepe is talking up a storm. "hell? Hello? What's your name? Pepe Lombardo. Cracker? Doug!" That bird is craziest memeber of my famil.

I woke up early today. Yes I said early. The people that really know me, know that I never wake up early, unless I have to. I even slept late on my wedding day! So I was up at 8:30 and was at the gym at 9:30. I took this kickboxing class with an instructor I've never had before. Man this class kicked my butt. My clothes were soaking! I even walked the treadmill for another 30 minutes after.

I weighted myself and I am up a pound from Monday. But it's probably because I have my period. I shoudl really just weight myself once a week.

Peter is taking me on a date tonight. He's cute but I think it's to make up for him having to work tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. He'll be working 6-12 only which is good. So I'll go to morning classes again.

Ok I'll finish Les Miserables and then walk to dogs.

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Posted on 2008.05.22 at 16:35
Hey everyone!

Sorry about the no posts, things were busy. Before I go on to the diet talk, couple of things

1) Our school budget failed....by 5 votes. Our 2.8 tax increase failed, by 5 votes. The austerity budget, according to New York State, has to be 2.1. So, how much money does .7 save people? Losers. I still have a job though!

2) Apparently I rock as a teacher. Look was some kids made http://www.freewebs.com/mrsderoserox/

3) I just joined a cohort through a Long Island Teachers Center and Stony Brook U. I am going to get an advanced certificateis school administration. I would never be an administrator, but it sounds like fun classes. I start in September, with Educational Leadership 1.

On to the diet talk! I have started my 5 days weekend today. It would be more fun if I didn't have a massive migraine. I woke up with it today and was very sick. I'm no longer sick and the migraine is a little less. I did nothing today.. I had planned on going to the gym this morning and then again at 5 for the Salsa class, since I couldn't go yesterday because I was judging NYSSMA. Maybe I will clean. Maybe I will just sit here and continue to watch People's Court. I sure Peter will be very happy with me.

So I weighed myself on Tuesday was down 2 pounds from the Friday before. Cool. My Alli check-in is Saturday, so I will weigh myself then and update the ticker.

I think I'll go walk to dogs.

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Posted on 2008.05.19 at 18:51
I stated yesterday that I hate Circuit training

Well...I still hate circuit training. Everything was sweating. Even the spaces between my fingers was sweating. But I did it, for 45 minutes. Plus the treadmill for 30 and arms for 15. My sister was with me. It was so much fun! I usually like to do things on my own, but it was really fun with her. She is going to beg my mom to get her a membership.

Today's Alli weight lost tip: Try standing more. Ok, as a teacher, I've got that covered :)

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