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head shot

I'm Cinderlla

Posted on 2008.05.23 at 14:00
I just finished cleaning. And it's only 2pm. I've been sing Les Miserables while I scrub. Also Pepe is talking up a storm. "hell? Hello? What's your name? Pepe Lombardo. Cracker? Doug!" That bird is craziest memeber of my famil.

I woke up early today. Yes I said early. The people that really know me, know that I never wake up early, unless I have to. I even slept late on my wedding day! So I was up at 8:30 and was at the gym at 9:30. I took this kickboxing class with an instructor I've never had before. Man this class kicked my butt. My clothes were soaking! I even walked the treadmill for another 30 minutes after.

I weighted myself and I am up a pound from Monday. But it's probably because I have my period. I shoudl really just weight myself once a week.

Peter is taking me on a date tonight. He's cute but I think it's to make up for him having to work tomorrow, Sunday and Monday. He'll be working 6-12 only which is good. So I'll go to morning classes again.

Ok I'll finish Les Miserables and then walk to dogs.


minibab at 2008-05-23 23:26 (UTC) (Link)
Holy cow, I WISH I had your endurance, stamina, fortitude, whatever it is that got you to do that much at the gym. Congrats!

Yay for Peter! Joe's working ALL weekend - part of the state park manager gig. In fact, he's at the office right now briefing the night shift on what to expect, since the park is at capacity tonight...

Happy date!
traceyr at 2008-05-24 15:48 (UTC) (Link)
How did Joe get his job. Peter always wanted to be a park ranger.
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